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SmartGuard - Interception

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If such an error occurs:




With this message, SmartGuard signals the presence of the Interception program installed: http://www.oblita.com/interception.html
However, no associated processes will be displayed in the task manager. If the player did not install this program on his own, it may have been installed on a PC bundled with some other program. 
To remove Interception, you must:

1. Download the distribution package of the program: https://github.com/oblitum/Interception/releases/download/v1.0.1/Interception.zip
2. Copy the folder "command line installer" from the archive into any convenient directory.
3. Place the file "uninstall.cmd" in the copied folder (the file is attached to this message)
4. Run "uninstall.cmd" on behalf of the Administrator (right-click on the file, menu option "Run as Administrator")
5. To restart a computer.
If everything is done correctly, after restarting the computer, the program will be deleted from the system.


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