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AwB1NW0.png Donation List

etc_royal_seal_of_lord_i00.pngTotem of Valor - 
etc_coins_gold_i00.png100 Coin of Luck

etc_imperial_scepter_i02.pngTotem of Wisdom - etc_coins_gold_i00.png150 Coin of Luck

etc_royal_seal_of_lord_i00.pngFeather of Valor - etc_coins_gold_i00.png100 Coin of Luck

etc_imperial_scepter_i02.pngFeather of Wisdom - etc_coins_gold_i00.png150 Coin of Luck

etc_add_buffslot_i01.pngAncient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Language Version) - etc_coins_gold_i00.png100 Coin of Luck

etc_add_buffslot_i02.pngAncient Book: Divine Inspiration (Manuscript)- etc_coins_gold_i00.png200 Coin of Luck

etc_add_buffslot_i03.pngAncient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Version) - etc_coins_gold_i00.png250 Coin of Luck

etc_spell_books_blue_i00.pngBuff ViP - etc_coins_gold_i00.png110 Coin of Luck

skill0371.pngAll Clan Skils - etc_coins_gold_i00.png700 Coin of Luck

skill1323.pngNobles Status(Need 75lv Sub Class) - etc_coins_gold_i00.png250 Coin of Luck

color_name_i00.pngChange Color Nick/Tittle - etc_coins_gold_i00.png100 Coin of Luck

br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngChange Nick - etc_coins_gold_i00.png150 Coin of Luck

br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngPremium Account- 1Day 100 Coin of Luck 4Days 200 Coin of Luck 7Days 350 Coin of Luck




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