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  1. Dont put donate ally 5quest.. if you put server die so fast. About nobles donate better put nobles donate after server start minimum 2 3 days, if you put from start so who take nobles donate they take all epics with no competition... Buff book only on char? Or account
  2. Sveiki , ieskomia zmoniu norinciu smagiai pazaisti l2grind serveryja. Ateiname keleta senu zaideju , todel ieskoma nauju zmoniu siame serveryja. Clan lead DjPlayBoy / Nvidia Susisiekti per discorda : pikis1991#0456 Keleta frapsu is musu clano kituose servuose
  3. I see server info quest x5 x10 Later give info quest drop and reward of : Imperial tomb q , fog q , stakato q , warkar ally q , ketra ally q, tts q , toi q for a gr rcp and another main quest . Thx 😉
  4. Nice to see you guys, come back with l2grind server. I see your server idea not to bad, i wish you got good start and stabel server! Who wanna mid rate server i recommend it this server! 😉
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